Friday, November 27, 2015

Oh the Holidays!! November 23, 2015

Dear Family and Friends,

So this week was FULL of finding and looking for new people to teach. Campus is less busy so we have been knocking on apartment doors all the day long! Its been fun! I've noticed my increased faith in finding people. I'm much more bold and proud of the message we share, and if they don't except, I keep on going. So that's been cool to see my growth that way. We had an experience this week where we were thinking about which apartment complexes to tract out. One came to mind that we haven't been to in awhile so we went. A few unanswered doors later these people from Nepal opened theirs and we have met them a few times before just on campus. So they let us right in. She said that she hasn't been raised to believe in God but she's been thinking about it a lot lately. So it was quite timely that we showed up. That Spirit. Such a tricky fella. Its cool to have experiences that show me each that this is NOT our work its the Lord's. So we will see what happens with Simran this week :) 

Also Kara is doing soo great! Her BOM is so loaded with highlights and markings!! Man I love it! :) Thats what missionary work is all about! I love seeing the growth and change in people when they let the gospel in. She is so much happier and smiles so much more. Its not that her circumstances has changed, but her attitude and ability to handle life has changed. The gospel truly is what we need and be truly happy. Its won't change our situation, but it will give us the ability to change it ourselves! 

Guess who got transferred to Pullman WA? SISTER MILLS! I was able to see her this week and man was I pumped! So good to serve around her again! I've missed my Mills!  So I'm grateful for that! I was able to go to Spokane this week for the new leadership meeting and since I was the only new STL, I got to spend about an hour and a half with just me and President and Sister Dymock! The best ever! :) I'm so blessed to be here at this time with them being here! They are such good examples of service and living the gospel. So I learned a lot from them! 

So this week was pretty standard. I know I've said this a million times before, but I LOVE this ward. I've watched this ward go from all these new families coming in, knowing no one to supporting, serving and loving each other. On Sunday we were talking with our bishop and before he gave us assignments for this week, he just went through the ward list and started saying ways that us sisters have impacted that family. It brought Sister Bryson and I to tears. Every time he brought up a new member I would instinctively say, "Oh I love them!" My heart has been so opened to befriend so many people that are different from me. So I'm so grateful for that. Missions are great! I wish I could share more about this with you.. but dang email.. haha can never say enough of the things I'm learning and experiencing! This week will be interesting because school is out, but we will be creative and productive with our efforts in bringing people closer to Christ! :) Also the church is coming out with a video for Christmas on the 29th! I (having missionary VIP access) have already seen it and its so good! So watch it and share it with friends :) Love you all! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! :) 

Sister Adamson

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