Monday, February 9, 2015

And there was crazy people and rain.. 2/9/2015

Dear familia and Frennys,

Well this week just flew by!! So much happened!! Ok so first, I went over the Bonners Ferry, Idaho for an exchange with a sister from Hungary. Shes really funny and sweet. But man that area is HUGE! I hope i never go there.. fingers crossed.. Because we mostly just drove around trying to find people and houses in the middle of the woods and you just get this vibe that you are intruding hard core on their space. People live up here because they don't want to be found. So that was interesting and I learned a lot from a different companion! 

Next, we taught Randy again. We were at a members house and man that lady can cook! I'll go over there anytime :) Mom I'm sending you the recipes so enjoy :) But the lesson went well and we will be meeting with him again this week! I love teaching Randy and I always feel so happy after teaching, so I'm praying and fasting that we will find more people to teach! They are here somewhere! Ok this whole town in related to each other.. no joke.. Haha we had dinner with a sister in the family on Thursday, the other sister on Friday, and the mom on Sunday. Crazy huh? Well one of the sisters has a son that goes to BYUH and guess what!! I know him!!.. Well didn't talk to him much, but I've seen him around? That counts right? Its such a small world!! 

We also had the sister missionaries from Libby, Montana over because we had zone training on Friday. (Two elders from my MTC district are in my zone so i got to see them again which was great!) After training we went to an old folks home and played Jenga with this old guy named Harold. Man that was hilarious! I'm pretty skilled at it now! While we were playing, we looked out the window.. and low and behold.. there was a moose! Not one but two! Just walking down the street eating some shrubs. Apparently that happens all the time here! They are HUGE!! So I'll let you know if i get trampled by one or not. Time will tell. So while doing exchanges with the Libby sisters, i was with Sister Johnson. We found out two three things in the process. 1) We are soul sisters, but very bad companions (we get distracted and forgetful ex. dropped the phone out of the car and left it there while we were at dinner for an hour just chillin underneath) 2) I'm very bad at driving a Ford Fusion, so family DONT GET ONE, and 3) I do not know my area very well. So i will have to study the map and do all that fun stuff so I'll be ready when my new companion comes in! 

Ok so lucky me.. I got to go the temple!! My comp was having a convert go through and we were able to go! So the temple is over an hour away and we went with some members so that took almost a full day! It was so great to go! The Spokane temple is pretty, but like a matchbox! Really small! Later that night we went to a Chinese Buffet in Spokane (Scary i know) But it was sooo good! I love chinese food! Come to Sandpoint please!! 

Ok so guess who got to speak in the YSA sacrament meeting? You guesses it me! And guess who got to teach relief society! Yep, me! Its so good for me to do these things. I want to be a good speaker and teacher so bad so practice makes perfect right?? Ok so I don't think I've mentioned it much, but this transfer our whole mission is going to read the whole Book of Mormon. Yep you heard me. Thirteen pages a day. Am I caught up? Nope. But for starting on Jan 27 i'm on Mosiah one? so i'm only thirty pages behind! I have loved reading it and have learned something new every time I read it!! I love the Book of Mormon and the simple truths it contains!! I just want to leave you all with my testimony that I know that this gospel is the way to true happiness and can bless families so much! I've seen some pretty sad family situations here, and I just wish they would accept the gospel and let Christ heal their pains. So everyone! Invite others to hear the gospel! They need it whether they know it or not! Bye bye now!!

Sister Adamson

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