Friday, July 8, 2016

Happy 4th! July 5, 2016

 Dear family and friends,
This week was soo great! I love being a missionary and I love the area and ward I'm serving with! Can't think of a better place to finish up a mission!
So just to update you! Ron and Maribel are doing great!! We had a lesson with them last week. During the lesson we felt prompted to share Moroni's promise at the end of the Book of Mormon and when we did, Maribele couldn't stop smiling! She said how much joy she felt from the verse! We helped her recognize that as the spirit talking to her! We invited them to come to church, but due to work schedules they won't be able to for awhile.. so we invited them on a church tour! It was great!! We had another couple in our ward come and they were great! They shared stories and bore testimony of the gospel! We asked them if they were willing to be baptized if they knew it was true and they said yes!! :) it was awesome! :) That was a big step for Ron! Maribel is growing so much too! She said that of course, if the priesthood was restored, she would be baptized! The spirit was so strong! I just love them so much and will miss being able to continue to teach them the gospel! We have another lesson with them tonight!!
Since I have been here in this ward, I have seen so so many changes and growth! It is so cool to see Alma 37:6-7 come true here! "By small and simple things, are great things brought to pass." By working little by little every day, we have seen so many blessings! That is how life is! By doing the small and simple things we can accomplish great things! I have learned that so much on my mission! :) Steady, energetic, consistent and enthusiastic effort really changes things! This ward has been hard at times to unite and get much help from with missionary work. But to see where they are now is such a miracle! We have been able to get leaders of the ward out teaching with us, less actives coming back, and investigators progressing! i love being able to see the change and growth!
I bore my testimony last Sunday in fast and testimony meeting. I said that it was my last time as a missionary in sacrament meeting.. just saying that i cried.. haha so sad.. But its ok! There is a time to move on and go forward with life! About half of the women in the ward were crying with me and many returned missionaries came up to me afterwards and expressed sympathy that my time was about up.. But also congratulated me. It just made me feel so loved and like I made an impact here in this area the two months I have served here. I have come to love this ward and the people here so much! :)
So for our fourth of July! We had a BBQ and some members house for lunch. It was great! I love that family! They remind me of the Richards back home! (yes John and Stephanie) haha :) and the mom reminds me so much Jess :) So baby shout out! Love you guys! :) Afterwards, we headed to a former investigators house named Tracey. That was interesting.. Let me just say.. I liked the light-hearted, peaceful, and happy feeling I get at the Joungeward's home a lot better.. there was some alcohol and not nice words being spoken by her family.. So we didn't quite enjoy all of our time there, but it was nice to be invited and thought about! Afterwards, we went to the Wards for dinner! We helped make cookies for investigators and less actives. We also met their neighbor, who they have been friend shipping for awhile! she is pregnant with twins and needs help around her house! We of course offered and she said yes! she we will be helping her next week! It was a great Fourth of July :) Love you all! have a great week! :)


Sister Adamson

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